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Shoe Sizing 101


Making Adjustments

Here are some of the different shapes of shoes 

Womens Shoe Shapes

In Shoe A, the footbed is more squared off. This makes it perfect for more squared-off or cascading toes, as in Feet C and E. Women with a long little toe will have more room at the end of their shoes for most of their toes (Feet A and D). Women with very angular feet, Foot A and B will have lots of sole space on the outsides of the shoe. Shoe B has a more rounded toebox, making it perfect for most feet, except the most angular foot, A and B. Shoe C has a tapered toe. This is perfect for Feet A and D, as there is plenty of space for that longer smaller toe. It works well for B and C, also. Women with squared off toes would have to go up a half size and have some room at the end of the footbed. Shoe D has an even more tapered toe box, but also a good width, making it good for all types. Of course, more squared off toes, Feet D and F would have to order a half size up.