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Shoe Sizing 101

tape measure

We are here to help you find the right size shoe.  Both feet and shoes come in all shapes and sizes.  Shoes are made on forms called lasts and sizing increments vary between factories.  Especially with  hand made shoes, as found here at Diva Boutique.  Sizing charts on the internet vary tremendously.  Feet are three dimensional, so allowances need to be made.

Diva Boutique has taken a different approach to sizing.  You will find below in our sizing charts what each shoe in our inventory measures (we round down on the calculations for safety).  Simply look up your shoe size, find your measurement, double-check by measuring your feet and locate your size for each manufacturer/model/heel height.  Way too much?  Well, at least you have a starting point of your measurement.  Don't fear, model specific charts are found on the Sizing tab of each shoe detail page, so you can double-check before you order.  There you may also find multiple views of most shoes, so that you can easily identify the shape of the shoe.  If a particular shoe does not have the extra views, contact us , and we will be more than happy to send them to you.

Check out our sizing tools below the sizing charts.  We will show you how to:

1.  Measure your feet                                                     5.  Adjust the size to accommodate your unique feet
2.  Identify the shape of your feet                                    6.  Understand heel measurements
3.  Recognize the shapes of different shoes                       7.  Understand the geometry of a shoe as it relates to
4.  Make choices suitable to your feet                                    heel height by size and platforms

 Three Golden Rules before you begin:
  1. On open toe shoes, your longest toe should go to the edge, but not over the footbed.
  2. Leave some room on the footbed for closed toe shoes (no one wants their toes crammed).
  3. Shoes should fit SNUG (not hurting) as they WILL GIVE.  Different materials give more than others.  Materials in order of give are:  velvet, suede, soft leathers (such as kidskin), thicker leathers, leather-lined textiles and finally, patent leather.  Shoes can also be stretched.