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What is your return policy?

We accept returns on any unworn shoes within 30 days of shipping.
When you receive your shoes, try them on as soon as possible; preferably later in the day (as your feet normally expand a little throughout the day) Do not try them on if you have just come home from several hours of dancing, as you won’t get an accurate feel for the shoes.

Please stay on a carpeted surface – returns are accepted for unworn shoes – no scratches, scuffmarks, toe impressions, etc.

If you need to return the shoes, contact us for shipping instructions. We will refund the full price, less shipping costs. Return shipping is the responsibility of purchaser and shipping insurance is HIGHLY recommended. Diva Boutique is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods during shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.  International shipping is calculated at check-out.  Please contact us if you wish shipping insurance.

What shoe size should I order?

Normally, you would order your U.S. size. However, sizing may vary.  We have included a footbed measurement chart on each shoe page.  We also have a comprehensive Sizing Help page.  Measure your feet and compare that to the footbed measurement.  Also, keep in mind the shape of the shoe in relation to the shape of your foot.  All of this is covered in Sizing Help, plus more.

Generally, if you have a normal to narrow foot, order your size in closed or slightly opened (peep and v-front) toe, the next size down for open toe shoes.

If you have a wide foot you should lean toward an open toe shoe (band, strappy and gathered strappy sandal front) in your size

Can I wear these shoes 'out on the town'?

Comme il faut shoes are worn by many women who don’t dance – because they’ve discovered that high fashion and comfort can be combined.

Imagine a shoe that has been compared to pricey designer shoes that cost in excess of $350 that are more comfortable and actually more exotic and unique for at least half the price!!! In our other lines, all leather-soled shoes can be worn on the street, but suede or leather/suede soles shouldn’t.

Please refer to the Specifications tab of each shoe.

Aren’t leather soles slippery on the dance floor?

That depends on the dance floor. Many women who use these shoes solely for dancing scuff-up the soles with a wire brush or on clean concrete (also a good trick to freshen up suede soles).
Others simply wear them a few times and they become very easy to dance in and not at all slippery.

Do you take special orders?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your request and we will let you know if it can be done and the timetable. Most often, you need to allow at least 2 months for a special order and normally additional fees apply.

I really want to try a pair on before I buy them, where will you be?

Why are the heels so high?

Yes, some of the heels are “Taco Altos” or 4” stiletto heels. Comme il Faut has used wizardry in designing their heels. They are incredibly comfortable. How can a 4” heel be comfortable? It’s the angle of the heel – perfectly positioned for dancing backward and a breeze walking forward.

Many women that make the transition to taco altos simply can’t believe the truth in this, until it happens to them. We also carry a nice assortment of lower–heeled shoes – even 3” stilettos! You can sort by heel size to find what’s right for you.

What is the difference between tango shoes and regular dance shoes?

The answer is in the structure of the various dances. Swing and Latin dances are danced upright, the Ballroom couple actually create a chalice shape while, in tango, your energy is forward (notice I didn’t say lean?)

Regular dance shoes position you upright (our Very Fine Shoes line) while tango shoes position you forward. This is also why many women find the stilettos more comfortable in dancing tango because they put you in the proper structure and when you are in the proper structure, you dance better and there is less stress on your body.

Will my shoes stretch out?

All shoes will eventually stretch, but some materials stretch more and faster than others. An order of “give” or stretch would be, from most to least: velvet, suede, soft leathers, thicker leathers, leather-lined satins, silks and brocades and finally, patent leather.

Hint: If you purchase a pair of patent leather shoes, apply a small amount of Vaseline over the leather before dancing. Otherwise, you’ll trip yourself and maybe your partner.

Weaves (woven leather shoes), velvets and suede will give more and are a great choice for wider feet and people with bunions. Important: if your foot extends over 1/4” (width) over the sole of the shoe while standing, you need a different size. Otherwise, you will be walking/dancing on the uppers of your shoes. Your shoes will wear rapidly and your feet will not like you.

I absolutely love this pair of shoes, but I am sure the “__” inch heel is too high. Can I have it lowered?

Yes, if taken to a very good cobbler and never have more than ¼” taken off, less if it is originally lower than 3 ½”. The shoe is created in a triangle and you can’t distort that angle too much. If the shoe is marginally taller than what you are used to wearing, ease yourself into the shoe.

ear it for only a short period of time and bring an extra pair with you to change out. Also, don’t try to go from a 2” heel to a 4” heel overnight.

How long will my shoes last?

That depends on many things, including your posture, the way you walk, the quality of the materials and how you care for your shoes.

At Diva Boutique, we are very picky about the shoes we offer. We make sure our factories use the best materials and craftsmanship. You can help extend the life of your shoes by keeping them clean. We offer suede/nubuck and leather/fabric protectors and cleaners. (See our Diva Essentials section.) Or, you can find them at your local drug store.

Spray the protector on your shoes before wearing. Once you clean them, be sure to re-spray them with protector to give them a layer that the dirt will settle on. They will be much easier to clean in the future. Keep your suede-soled shoes fresh with a wire brush or scuff them up on clean concrete. Another way to extend the life of your fine dance shoes is to use practice shoes and/or sneakers. You will find these shoes in our offerings. They also give your feet a little extra pampering for when you are in workshops or dancing for hours on end.

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